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You can work with me on a 121 basis - fully supported and focused on your individual needs - Full Reconnection !

See below for info.

121 Therapy - Effective , Gentle and Safe Psychotherapy and Mindfulness, Compassion Led Therapy.

For clients who  are having challenges with anxiety, stress, depression or other emotional wellness issues.

£120 for the first 90 minute session and £75 for each 1 hour session afterwards

The Reconnection Programme 

An intensive and 121 three month programme looking at the 3 aspects of your life , you , your world, your future.

8 face to face or video call sessions, a VIP morning to kick start and on-line materials. 
Plus daily WhatsApp access to me if needed and the Bemoore Journal.



Reconnect  To your business

everything you need to ensure your business is totally aligned with your vision and set up to be successful and fulfilling.

following the same structure as the main reconnection programme we explore your business values, your vision and your goals. Diving into your business at a deep level to help you connect and build.


Reconnection Following Bereavement

All things Reconnection but specifically designed to support individuals who are working through grief after bereavement. Using key Mindfulness and Compassion based techniques to give a safe and healing space.


Under 18 - Roaring4Life:  1 Hour Sessions 

Focused on positive self image , self esteem and self confidence.

Building a platform of resilience to go forward with.

£55 per hour. 
(normally 4 - 6 sessions see great results, but if trauma or self harm behaviours are present it will be on a week-by-week basis)



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