Stop Searching, Start Listening!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

How often do you get caught up in searching for something?

Something more?

Something bigger?

Something that you feel should be there ... but actually you are not even sure what that is and not even sure what the question is and what the answer will bring.

This has been really in my thoughts in recent weeks. Many of you know I have been studying for my next qualification and coming up to exam week I was full on. Juggling everything every spare minute accounted for .. so busy in the busy … I had a nagging feeling something wasn’t quite aligned but honestly I didn’t have time to practise what I preach .. some days taking a breathe in itself seemed to take too long.

Then exam over …. I took the weekend off! Fabulous .. the following week I felt shattered .. natural I thought.. second week no motivation to get going.. lists of plans and projects and soooo much time .. but couldn’t get going .. week 3 – what is going on !!!! This is not me .. I am committed and I am so into my business and my work.

I decided to force myself to get going and take action .. so I went through the motions.. but I felt off and to be honest I could get myself excited about my work.

And so I stopped .. and I remembered how my clients could come into the therapy space. They were so sure there was something that needed to change , to be in a future that was different and yet they couldn’t put their finger on it – consumed by searching for answers for a question that they hadn’t formulated yet and feeling unfulfilled as every achievement gained didn’t hit the mark.

Then last weekend I went to my soul place – Glastonbury town and the Chalice Well Garden. It’s a super special place for me. Where my son’s ashes were scattered in the shadow of the Tor by the grace of Avalon. It’s also the spiritual home of the Pagan faith and home of the Goddess Temple run by the Priestesses of Avalon. First, we simply sat in the gardens. It is so quiet , no technology – it is the opposite of busy. The sun shone and my brain quietened. Then we walked into the town and I sat in circle in the Temple. To simply be in a place where talk is not expected nor encouraged. Where you can actually hear your thoughts and hear what your soul is saying – it’s a gift.

There was a focus on the concept of just leaning into the concept of knowing. Not figuring out what you know but just understanding that knowing – just as the sun will rise and set – the knowing it is simply as it is – it cannot be argued or debated. Learning where you feel this in your body.

Then letting go – again not forcing that thought of needing to define what you let go off – many clients come in and say – I must be less anxious etc.. this is about simply trusting that somewhere your mind knows what it needs to do . Stepping out of the busy allows the healing to start.

And for me .. whoosh! .. last week I got clarity on exactly what I needed to change in my work. To let go of doubt that bringing my spiritual work into my Reconnection Programme would not suit some people. Because actually it won’t suit everyone .. but they aren’t who I want to work with.

There is a lot to do but suddenly I am excited again .. the simplicity of stopping, taking breath and being mindful has created space for healing to commence and I have been applying this with my work and seeing amazing things happen.

Stop Breathe Be Present Be Mindful


Intention with Purpose….

These are the tenets I created at the beginning of my programme research - these are what I come back to time and time again .. time to start listening and trusting.

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