Recovery - Every Path Is Different!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

This has been a topic over the last few weeks across my social media.

So, I felt it was important to explain my views on the process of recovery and different approaches.

The very first step in recovery is of course realizing support is needed ... but then you need to make that call ... you need to find someone that offers the right treatment for you and that you feel enabled to work with.

The biggest step in recovery is TRUST! ... One of my own tutors advises that you can be the most qualified and experienced therapist but if you don’t gain the trust of your client and they don’t open up ... you won’t make that change needed ... recovery can get stuck.

So never be afraid of looking around and speaking to different people – there are so many titles used – CBT, DBT, Psychotherapy, TimeLine Work, NLP, Tapping, Mindfulness to name just a few that are more commonly used. There is also a host of complex therapies within different types – Psychotherapy itself has a range of different techniques and believe me one size – it does not fit all!

So, having found your therapist – the next question that is asked is ‘How Long Will This Take?’ – How Many Sessions Will I Need? … and my answer is …’ It takes as long as it takes … ‘. It depends on a whole host of things.

· How willing the person is taking on the work of healing.

· How difficult the topic or trauma is that they need to heal from.

· How easily they can access the memories and emotions associated so that the processing can begin.

· How complete they want the healing.

· How accountable the person wants to be for their healing?

Because you see different techniques offer different ways of healing ... some are based at the cognitive top level. They enable a client to feel better and have coping and managing tools for the symptoms. They work at the symptom level. Other techniques work at a deeper level – they don’t focus on symptoms the focus on cause ... and this can mean different timescales.

Image Courtesy of Sammie Sparke Photography

So, for me I never give my clients a timescale – it puts added pressure on them because what if after 3 sessions they are not making the progress they want or feel they should?

In my world I aim to provide a traditional talking therapy – Psychodynamic based with Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy … and with Mindfulness I am interested in that client focusing on the now, the process right now ... not focusing on the what if or the when ... because that simply distracts from the healing process.

Then of course we have the client who believes they cannot be cured ... they cannot heal – this is often driven from a place of fear. The fear that it won’t work – they want it to be different, but they can’t imagine life without the symptoms – they can’t start to believe that there could be something different. I will be blogging very soon on this complex thought process.

So that short question of ‘How Long Will This Take? ‘it really isn’t that simple at all … but here’s the thing ... with the right therapist, with Trust and with commitment Recovery Is Always Possible!

Each of my clients are unique, each are treated as an individual person, each has a different path to follow and different journey to complete – everything will happen in the time that it is meant.

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