All change in Autumn...

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

It’s the start of a new season! Autumn is here and it’s my favourite time of year. It’s also that time of year I feel most able to get re-started.

This season for me as a Pagan is all about harvesting and preparing for the winter months ahead and although I don’t do this in the way our ancestors did, I do like to stock up the cupboards with selections of tinned goods and I do like to get organised in business and life.

In business we are getting ready for 2 launches – one in the realm of officially launching Be Celebrational, the sister company to Bemoore – helping individuals celebrate life and working with couples to prepare for the road ahead. Here at Bemoore we are now working away in the background to ramp up Roaring4life. This is the#FindYourRoar programme in education – working alongside young women to prepare them for the adult world. More news on this in coming weeks but very happy to be part of the NatWest #Powerup programme to support us scale and grow.

But it is at home that it has truly been a time of endings and new beginnings for me. I have had my eldest daughter graduate from university and attended her graduation at Canterbury Cathedral. I can tell you it was a very proud mum moment. It has been a hard transition for me, seeing her leave the family home as still a child really and return 3 years later as an independent adult. We have had some very rocky times but watching her go and accept her degree certificate was a sign she really is all grown up, has started a full-time career in the world of business and is making ready of course to fly the nest for good.

On the other hand, my youngest child has just the same week started school. A brand-new adventure for him and whilst I was very pleased he went in all smiles, there was a small part of me that looked at the children clinging onto their parents and thought. oh, he doesn’t need me... but of course he does it’s just already changing. Already if I try and cuddle him for too long I get ‘oh mum’ as he wriggles free of my grasp. Already I seeing my role is changing as I hand him over to the education system. On day one I went in with him to find his hook and hang up his bag and coat – just like at pre school, on day 2 I was firmly guided to leave him to enter with his teacher and watch him wave from the door way.

My middle child by the way is also forging ahead in life in her career as hairdresser and has proudly recently announced the passing of her driving theory test which she has tenaciously battled with over several attempts – so it won’t be long before she is off and about on the road (anxious parents of the world unite!) … but her main concern now appears to be the battle of bank balance verses well known high street shopping brands and girls’ holidays abroad 😊 (I feel the career of hairdresser is well suited to her!)

And so, I have reflected a lot on my role in their lives over the last few weeks. On the one hand letting go of the girls as the children they once were and building a new relationship with them as young women and on the other hand going back in time 15 years to that of anxious new mum handing over my child to his school adventure and juggling life around his ever-changing needs and activities.

It feels right this should all happen in the Autumn season – that time in nature to settle and gather. To find your place in your family for the coming weeks and help them to do the same – creating a routine of safety and security for the darker nights and shorter days. Providing a platform on which they can return when needed – whether that be by 3.30 each day, after a wild girl’s holiday or after a hard day’s work in a new job.

As they say children don’t come with a rule book and guidance of what to do – you just must do the very best you can and hope it all turns out for the best. currently I think it’s going OK and regardless of the fuss and fights and drama I think we done good so far.

And of course, as someone who loves a fresh start if we don’t get sorted this season us Pagan’s have 1st November New Year’s Day to brush ourselves down and do it all over again 😊

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