As a qualified therapist I offer specialist support in this complex area.

Life challenges can often present themselves in behaviours which cause us harm or impact our lives.


Permanent recovery is possible.

This page offers support and guidance alongside the ability to book 121 sessions with me to start your recovery journey. Incorporating traditional therapy, mindfulness and journaling and using techniques within #TheReconnectionProgramme, I can work with you to show that permanent change form those unhealthy thoughts, behaviours’ and rituals is always within your power.

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Self Harm 

This terms refers to a behaviour in which the individual acts out against their own body and wellbeing. The most common known is that of 'cutting' where the person will actually break the skin using either their nails or a implement.

Self Harm happens for many reasons but is seen as a form of release. From emotions which are overwhelming, lack of control in the outside world or an inability to be able to express themselves or be heard. They may feel angry at situations which are occurring or angry and frustrated with themselves.

It is important for carers to understand that self harm does not mean they wish to end their life - however support and therapy is needed to enable them to stop these behaviours which can become addictive and feel as though they are the only answer.

Here at Bemoore we work on raising self-esteem, building self-confidence and showing how to grow resilience to face life's challenges whilst working through events which have happened or are still in progress. The aim is to create a platform through which there is a positive image of self and a belief that they are worthy and can move forward.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

This terms refers to rituals or behaviours which a person carries out due to an anxiety or fear that a negative consequence will happen if they don't. It can have a huge impact on someone's ability to lead their life. These rituals become time consuming- invading a person's space to carry out day to day activities. They can be very complex and require exact attention and perfectionism.

OCD comes through in many different behaviours but the most common known is that of cleanliness - of hands or of areas. However OCD can be based on needing to check - for example locked doors , light switches , or it can be about doing things in a very specific order or having everything in a specific order. It also incorporates the behaviour of hoarding and of compulsive purchasing .

We look to show the individual through therapy clear evidence of when the rituals have not happened and the consequence has not occurred. We create a platform of belief that begins to eliminate the need to carry out the rituals and removes the underlying feelings of stress and anxiety.

Call me for a free initial consultation and understand that support is here and #recoveryispossible. 0759 0069332.

OCD/Self Harm – Useful Information - TBC

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