Bereavement Support 

The loss of a loved one creates a  whirlwind of emotions.


We grieve for the person, for the life we had together, for the purpose they had in our life and for the life we were going to have.


We may experience emotions and feelings we do not expect - it can be a confusing and scary time especially if the person we would normally turn to is the person we have lost.

It impacts our sense of self as we have to redress who we are now we are not with that person and they are not with us in our lives.

We may feel anger towards others , towards ourselves and towards the person who has died.

Or we may feel a need to search for some meaning especially if the loss was traumatic , unexpected or especially with the loss of a child... to try to make sense of how this could happen.


In our culture we tend to shy away from talking about grief , we are expected to ' move on ' and yet grief does not understand those rules.


Compassion and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy give space for you to be heard, to learn how to experience the grieving cycle and to find acceptance of the loss. 

I help you to talk through your loss and gain understanding of your feelings and be able to express them - grief is personal so therapy is tailored to your needs.


' I have learned that grief is not time bound  - it is infinite - I do not need to close the lid on the box - I can cry when I choose and remember as I wish .. for grief is mine to have .. but so is life .. and life can again be good ' 

Ali Moore - Community Celebrant and Therapist.

I also create wording and officiate at Funerals and In Memory Ceremonies - helping you have a voice at this difficult time. You can see more information on my Celebrant webpage

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