Specifically designed for women - helping you navigate through lifes adventures and challenges.


As women we take on many roles - wear many hats.. we can sometimes lose sight of who we are .


We may suffer from crisis of confidence or experience Imposter Syndrome .


Sometimes we just need to reconnect with who we are !

If this sounds like you ..

#FindYourRoar is for you!

1. The Original #FindYourRoar Confidence Workshop for Women.

This wonderful workshop experience is one of the leading confidence workshops for women in the UK.

 - Discussing life challenges faced specifically by women.

 - A place to share, learn and grow together – and create great connections.

 - Always in a beautiful setting, always about giving you a fabulous experience.


Take some time out to embrace your true self and #FindYour Roar


2019 Workshop Details 

2. #FindYourRoar – Women in Leadership

Fact – women lead differently, have different needs and face different challenges. Women who embrace their true self, their personality, their skills and their leadership style are the women who lead effectively – creating a sense of internal power. In turn creating a space to lead others, allowing motivation to build and creativity to shine through.

Investing in a #FindYourRoar corporate workshop can truly transform your women leaders.

3. Motivational Talks

Are you an organisation or business that supports women? Why not book a #FindYourRoar seminar and see how your organisation can benefit from hearing about how women can be truly fabulous when they allow themselves to really connect with their true self!

#RoaringForLife -  #FindYourRoar in education . Specifically designed to build healthy boundaries in relationships, empower confidence in self and a positive self image.

© 2018-19 by Ali Moore (BeMoore) 

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