Safe, Gentle, Effective Therapy

Enabling You To Take Back Control and Life The Life You Love.

Past traumas can affect our lives in ways we don’t even think of. It can come out in symptoms such as panic attacks, anxiety, stress and depression; or in uncontrollable behaviours such as OCD, self-harm, and phobias.


The expectations we place on ourselves and on others around us can be harsh and unrealistic, leading to deeper spiralling of symptoms and behaviours. 


You don’t have to live like this. With safe, gentle, effective therapy, I can enable you to take back control, and to live the life you want to have.  


In my therapy room, you get the space to talk and be heard. You will never be judged. You will learn about limiting thoughts and behaviours, and how to become free of them. You will restore your platform of self-worth, self-esteem and resilience, not just in the context of your past, but looking at you as a whole person, and reconnecting you with who you are

Combining Science With Soul.

I use a blend of traditional psychotherapy, coaching and mindfulness to support you through the healing process- compassionately and from a place of safety.

Looking holistically at you as a whole person - not just looking to solve a problem but to allow you to reconnect with who you are.

Contact me for a free initial consultation and understand how therapy can transform your life.

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