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 Building a Healthy Relationship with Yourself, Your World and Your Future.

Life is all about Relationship 

Relationships are all about Connections 

Time to Get Reconnected .


Are you feeling that something’s not right in your world?

Has something big happened in your life – or is something from your past holding you back?

Are you suffering with anxiety and stress?

Or have you simply got disconnected from who you are?

Is your relationship with your partner in need of some nurturing ?

Or perhaps you feel disconnected from each other?


You’re not alone. We are surrounded by messages telling us how we should be, how we should act, and what we should have. It’s no wonder that so many of us can feel out-of-sync with who we are, and who we want to be.


At Be Moore Therapy, I can help you to reconnect with your true self, which then makes your path ahead clear – aligned with your values, and achieved with purpose and intention.


To get there, we begin in the most important place: your relationship with yourself, and your past, present and future.

Further more I now work with Couples to help you both understand how to communicate, build a solid relationship platform and make healthy decisions about your future together.

Ali Moore  

Award Winning Psycho spiritual 

Relationship Therapist and Coach

Author of ReconnectYourLife.

National Coach Finalist & Spiritual Celebrant.

Safe, Confidential and Compassionate

My Philosophy


I have a range of programmes, and they have all been built on my three Relationship pillars. Exploring these forms the foundation of our work together.


Your Relationship with Yourself


To find what you’re searching for, we have got to start at the centre – with you.

How do you view yourself?


Do you make yourself happy, or does that little voice inside you try to drag you down?


The only thing that is going to bring life into focus for you is an honest appraisal of relationship you have with yourself. Past traumas, relationship breakdowns, big life changes – this is where the healing and the reconnection begins.  


Reconnect with yourself, and what you value most - and we can work outwards from there.



Your Relationships with Others


How do you view others?


How do others view you?  


What are your boundaries like with others – how do you let them treat you?


Is your behaviour with others in line with your values?


How do you react to difficult relationships, and is that OK? Most importantly, how does your relationship with yourself impact on your dealings with others? We’ll set new standards for you, and for those around you, that are true to who you want to be.

With specific sessions designed for couples to work together.



Your Relationship with the Future


What does that elusive future look like?


Are you happy, excited or frightened about your future?


Using everything we’ve agreed on in the first two steps, we will begin to forge a plan for your future that feels right for you; that reflects your values; and that includes the strong and healthy relationships that matter to you.

 #ReconnectYourLife - The Book'

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Bedford Based with Global Reach 


Ali is an Advanced Member of The Association  for Evidence Based Psychotherapists and is supported by the British Psychological Society . Ali also holds an advanced Diploma in Coaching as well as being accredited in Mindfulness Based Practise ,a Bsc Honours in behavioural psychology and a member of the british psychological society.

She is a regular expert contributor to media such as BBC3 Counties , The Daily Express and Thrive Global and guest expert for Woman's Own and Sheerlux magazines. 

Ali is the author of best seller Reconnect Your Life - based on her successful Reconnection Programme.


In Her Own Words

"I am committed to empowering my clients to feel their best and embrace their true self. 

I loved coaching but having gone through some serious life transformations myself, I also discovered the power of Psychotherapy and after being encouraged to re-train I know it was the missing piece to creating a way to really empower my clients to shine.

 I use a mixture of traditional talking therapy whilst adding in Mindfulness and Compassion Led Practise .I understand the importance of a holistic approach that supports your mind, body and spirit. Creating a real connection with you and creating space for healing  and transformation to begin.

​  ​We put on different hats and different acts. Then when we go through life’s transformations such as changing careers, starting a family, loss, and sometimes trauma ….we can lose sight of who we truly are.  What I have  learnt – my Reconnection Moment as I call them – is that when we take on life in balance with our true self the challenges seem less complex.



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