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Self Esteem and Bereavement Therapist 

Safe, Gentle Therapy combining Mindfulness and Compassion Led Techniques

Providing support and treatment for anxieties, self doubt,depression,OCD, grief, self harm, PTSD, phobias,insomnia and disordered thinking.


Programmes for young adult support available-Roaring4Life


A Unique Life Audit -'The Reconnection Programme' - a holistic approach to creating the life you love to live.

and a menu of options specifically designed for women- Find Your Roar


Plus ability to become a Reconnection member both locally and on line



The Science of self-esteem.

Our sense of self starts from the moment we are born.

it provides a backdrop for how we approach our lives.

Life events can nurture it or can damage it. You can experience symptoms of stress, anxiety , panic attacks or depression. You might struggle with behaviours such as OCD or Self Harm.

I specialise in enabling my clients to overcome the experiences which have impacted their self esteem - creating a platform on which to create the life you love to live.


Safe, Confidential and Effective Support.

Using all my experience in a range of psychotherapy and coaching techniques gathered over 10 years in both personal and  business life, I have created  unique programmes that give permanent transformation.

It's a truly holistic approach of Mind Body and Soul. 


Traditional talking therapy combined with powerful Mindfulness based Practise.

Whether it's support following trauma or grief, relief from stress or anxiety or wanting to rediscover your confidence - Bemoore is the place to come to  reclaim your positive sense of self

Ali Moore – Award Winning  Self Esteem Therapist- Author of ReconnectYourLife. National Coach Finalist & Community Celebrant.

Bedford Based with Global Reach 

Free Download 

Welcome to The Reconnection Space!

The programmes

121 Therapy

 Safe and effective therapy using traditional talking therapy combined with mindfulness and compassion led techniques. Offering permanent relief from anxiety, stress , disordered thinking , depression and unhealthy behaviours such as OCD and Self Harm.

Specialist bereavement support to help you move through those difficult times.

Bereavement Support Information 

Specifically for women - Be confident in who you are – know you are enough.

  • Leading confidence workshop for women.

  • Reconnection Membership Coaching Groups.

  • Support for Women in Leadership

  • Motivational talks for groups and organisations

  • Roaring for Life - FindYourRoar For Teenagers.

'Bemoore #ReconnectYourLife - The Book'

Front Cover - Reconnect Your Life.jpg

Your complete life audit

  • Removing negative thoughts and beliefs.

  • Re-establishing relationships with self and those around you

  • Creating a future aligned to your intention and purpose.

  • 121 and Group Sessions

Paperback Edition  - £11.18 (25% off RRP)

Kindle Edition  - £5.99

30 days to rediscover your real self.

Become a Member of The Reconnection Community.

Local Reconnection Coaching Groups 

Online Subscription Membership launching October 2019


Ali is an Advanced Member of The Association  for Evidence Based Psychotherapists and is supported by the British Psychological Society in her ongoing study of Clinical Psychology. Ali also holds an advanced Diploma in Coaching as well as being accredited in Mindfulness Based Practises.

She is a regular expert contributor to media such as BBC3 Counties , The Daily Express and Thrive Global and guest expert for Woman's Own and Sheerlux magazines. 

Ali is the author of best seller Reconnect Your Life - based on her successful Reconnection Programme.


In Her Own Words

"I am committed to empowering my clients to feel their best and embrace their true self. 

I loved coaching but having gone through some serious life transformations myself, I also discovered the power of Psychotherapy and after being encouraged to re-train I know it was the missing piece to creating a way to really empower my clients to shine.

 I use a mixture of traditional therapy plus Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, CBT, Journaling and understand the importance of a holistic approach that supports your mind body and spirit. Creating a real connection with you and creating space for healing to begin.

​Additionally I wanted to offer programmes that were specifically for women . Women juggle many roles in our lives. I do this myself being a mum, a wife, a daughter, a business woman, a therapist to name just a few. Also having spent over 10 years in one of the toughest performance organisations in the world – coaching their leaders to succeed, it was clear to me that women do things differently and need different support. Not better just different.  ​


We put on different hats and different acts. Then when we go through life’s transformations such as changing careers, starting a family, loss,  the roles can become mixed .. and we can lose sight of who we truly are.  What I have  learnt – my Reconnection Moment as I call them – is that when we take on life in balance with our true self the challenges seem less complex.



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