Be moore

Teenage and Young Adult Support

I’m a mum and step mum to 5 children with an age gap of 18 years between eldest and youngest. I have seen them experience many of life’s challenges from exam stress, making decisions on further education, to being part of a new family and the introduction of step-parents / siblings and half siblings.

Life for young adults can be a world full of complex choices to be made, decisions are not always theirs to make and this along with peer pressure, wanting to conform yet wanting to be an individual means stress and anxiety may not be far away on a regular basis.

Social Media has changed the way young adults and children communicate creating a feeling of never being able to get away from problems.

Bemoore will empower young adults to work through these challenges and start to see a future in front of them full of endless possibilities, where challenges becoming exciting new opportunities.

I offer an opportunity in a safe, informal environment in which to talk, providing support for both the individual and parent through the process – working with the whole family.

We all want our children to grow up feeling positive and able to make informed choices whilst being resilient to outside pressure. Focusing on the mental health and psychological aspects are hugely important – building strong foundations to help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Full DBS check information can be disclosed

Children seen from age 5 upwards.

Young Adult Anxiety Top Signs to Look out for:

  • Withdrawal – more than just wanting to sit in the room but actively avoiding any contact.
  • Lack of social events and reduction in friends visits.
  • Becoming highly focused on body image and food.
  • Wanting to control each situation.
  • Starting to create rituals before leaving the house or completing tasks.

Women Achieving Workshop Schedule

All my workshops are based on Positive Psychology and I am firm believer that one size does not fit all.