Be moore


Ways to Engage

Workshops – A range of workshop covering Confidence, Business Vision, Vision Board and Mindfulness. Small groups with creative activities – always tea and cake 😊

You can find all my events on my EventBrite pageΒ here >>.

Women Achieving Clubs – join an exclusive club in your area and become a Bemoore VIP member. A different topic each month, support from a group of likeminded women and coaching from me to keep you feeling fabulous plus access to much more.

121’s – Each 121 is tailored to suit you and will use the most appropriate therapy for your needs.

30 Day Find Your Fabulous Journal Challenge – 30 days of journalling, positive reviews and 3 90 minute sessions with me plus access to me daily as needed via text or phone. Using my beautiful Bemoore Journal alongside a host of additional activities and support techniques you will make change quickly and permanently!

Compulsive Hoarding / Buying dedicated program – For many there is the high of the buy or a need to hold onto items creating a comfort blanket which can soon suffocate. I offer support designed especially for this area. Allowing you to start freeing yourself from your thoughts, behaviours and stuff!

If you need individual support on…

  • Compulsive / Obsessive habits
  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Specialist support for professionals in high stress worlds
  • Parenting and Back to Work Mums
  • Relationship support and Life Changes (inc working through Grief)
  • Body and Style Confidence
  • Teenage anxieties and bullying
  • Or just simply working out who you are in the world!

Women Achieving Workshop Schedule

All my workshops are based on Positive Psychology and I am firm believer that one size does not fit all.