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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a way of using Mindfulness in order to create permanent change and relief from presenting symptoms such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks and compulsive or obsessive thoughts and traits. It is a holistic and natural approach through 121 sessions, building up practises which the client can use in their own home and has proven scientific results.

Mindfulness for General Well Being – Brain fog? Trouble Remembering? Short Attention span? Lack of Productivity?  Practising Mindfulness in a structured way has shown, for just 2 minutes a day, to improve all of the above traits. So if you want some ‘me time’ and also see an improvement in areas of your life and well being why not book a 121 Mindfulness Session in my beautiful therapy room and see how you can introduce Mindfulness Practise into your daily routine and the benefits it brings.

30 Day Find Your Fabulous Journal Challenge – 30 days of journalling, positive reviews and 3 90 minute sessions with me plus access to me daily as needed via text or phone. Using my beautiful Bemoore Journal alongside a host of additional activities and support techniques you will make changes quickly and permanently.

Workshops – A range of workshop covering Confidence, Business Vision, Vision Board and Mindfulness. Small groups with creative activities – always tea and cake 😊 Detail on the bottom of all website pages.


If you need individual support on…

  • Compulsive / Obsessive habits
  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Specialist support for professionals in high stress worlds
  • Parenting and Back to Work Mums
  • Relationship support and Life Changes (inc working through Grief)
  • Body and Style Confidence
  • Teenage anxieties and bullying
  • Or just simply working out who you are in the world!

Women Achieving Workshop Schedule

All my workshops are based on Positive Psychology and I am firm believer that one size does not fit all.