Be moore

Women Achieving – Find Your Roar!

Do You Want to Bemoore Than You Are? Often we feel pressured to ‘be someone else’ or we find ourselves in a life situation where we just lose our confidence. The Bemoore ‘3 Step Process’ empowers you to find the confidence to be who ever you want to be!

We all have a great set of qualities and skills which make us unique. Embracing these and having the confidence to approach situations whilst being true to ourselves is a key step in overcoming the most challenging of situations.

Perhaps you are looking to more successful in your career world, or maybe you are going through a life change – becoming a mum, moving on from a relationship or going through the grieving process – all these things can effect your sense of identity and can knock your confidence – leaving you with those thoughts ‘I just don’t feel like myself ‘or I don’t know who I am anymore’

I will review with you what’s going in your world and through a focused coaching approach, help you to really understand and get in touch with what’s important to you , your values , beliefs and your core unique skills and talents, allowing the real YOU to shine and flourish.

Book with me for individual 1 hour sessions tailored to help you uncover your inner Lioness and truly own your personal brand and find your roar.. Skype available.


  • Join a workshop in your local area for 2 hours of hints, tips and tools to find your fabulousness. A chance for a cuppa and chat with like minded ladies, in small groups, discovering those qualities which make you marvellous.
  • Take part in a workshop specifically aimed at Women in Business – Grow your Confidence Build Your Business.
  • Join a local Women Achieving Club for a monthly get together sharing experiences, discussing life topics and supporting each other.

Location and for Clubs

Bedford – Host by Great Denham Bedford Golf Club

Milton Keynes – Hosted by Natwest Entrepreneurial Spark ( RBS Building).

Achieving means many different things to people and here is what it means to some of the women in my world.

” Being Present and accountable. When I set out to do something and make it happen myself. “

” Doing something successfully – implementing skill and courage. “

“Reaching a goal to just getting through the day. “

” Making choices congruent to your values to make your journey a fabulous one ! “

Women Achieving Workshop Schedule

All my workshops are based on Positive Psychology and I am firm believer that one size does not fit all.