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Ali Moore – Positive Psychology Therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner

Ali Moore – Positive Psychology Therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner

Positive Psychology Therapist and Mindfulness Practioner

I am passionate about unlocking individual’s potential and letting them see the solutions they hold themselves and opening up new possibilities.

An empathetic but straight talking Coach I firmly believe that you can make that difference in any situation, put yourself back in the driving seat and see your dreams become reality.

Ali spent 10 years working as a senior manager in Amazon – looking after European Leadership Development and Coaching Programs, enabling individuals to succeed in a high-pressure environment. Whilst there Ali qualified as an accredited Life and Business Coach and a Psychotherapist as well as becoming highly effective in business skills and becoming a Behavioural Specialist.

Now Ali uses her experience in her private practice to empower her clients to overcome a whole host of challenges. She combines her corporate world coaching with key Psychotherapy and Mindfulness techniques and specialises in helping those who have compulsive or obsessive traits or behaviours.

Alongside this Ali is passionate about enabling women to be their best self and is a motivational speaker, created the #FindYour Roar Confidence Workshops and founded the Women Achieving Clubs.

In her first full year of business, Ali was a national finalist in Best Business Women – Best Coach Awards and hosts her own radio show for Secklow Sounds – Life Challenges. Ali is an Advanced Diploma Member of the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy and is currently studying for a BSc Honours in Youth Psychology and Criminology.

In her private life Ali is a mum and step mum to 5 children, wife to the wonderful Alfie and owner of a totally barking mad Sprocker named Reggie plus collector of all things vintage and Vivienne Westwood 😊.


” After just a short programme of coaching with Ali, I have made some significant changes, with very positive results. “

” Her corporate and psychotherapist background mean that she has a versatile style that can be adapted to a broad range of clients and I would highly recommend her. “


From the few coaching sessions I have had with Alison I have noticed a vast improvement in myself when interacting with my Team. Simple things that I didn’t even realise I do on a daily basis, Ali was able to pull these characteristics out and provide me with ways that I can use certain situations to my advantage. This has allowed me to be more productive when interacting with the Team and to achieve more with them as individuals. I feel the team have really benefited from the sessions that I have experienced so far, I have been able to address behaviour issues that have arisen with immediate results, rather than letting these behaviours settle into habits. We still have a long way to go however with the tools I have learnt so far I can see the Team growing far and excelling in their roles.’ Jen

Before meeting with Ali I didn’t really ever feel truly happy. Now I am more confident and enjoying everything so much more whilst worrying less- I am loving life! ’ Angie

Ali came to our Bereavement Group and at first we didn’t see how simply changing your thoughts would help but then it all made sense!’ Directions Support Group.


Women Achieving Workshop Schedule

All my workshops are based on Positive Psychology and I am firm believer that one size does not fit all.